Francis Woods Keefe

aka Francis O'Keefe, Frank, Praincous? O'Camoph? [Galic}


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  •      Thesis  MA-Thoreau-Imagery.pdf 
    • Thoreau  the Poet ,Together with a Study of His Imagery
      • Adelphi College - 1950
  •      Poems around a theme [15 Jul 1968] Any-Native-Dancer.pdf
    • Any native Dancer - 5pp
    • Any sensate walking dancing man - 3pp
    • For the narcissist - 3pp
    • Through the dance of history - 4pp
    • Spinning dust under his feet  - 2pp
    • In this drama of locomotion danced - 4pp
    • A little Knavish, perhaps - 4pp


  •      A Play for ballet  ST. FRANCIS POEM   Saint-Francis-always-danced.pdf  Five scenes
    • I. The Vaulting Pride of Life; the locale is the public square.
    • II. The Desolated Wretchedness of Life as experienced in the Dark Night of the Soul; the locale is on the outskirts of his village.
    • III  The Vaulting Vitality of Spirit - A Father is lost and friends are found; the locale is again the public square.
    • IV. Mission of Holy Madness to the Moslem World; the locale is the Court of a Powerful Sultan.
    • V. Stigmata, Death, Apocalypse; the locale is near his monastery.
  Francis Woods Keefe-Birth-Certificate-26-sep-1913.pdf      [color-image.pdf]
  FWK-edu-courses-nyu-newschool.pdf  [color-image.pdf]
  F-W-Keefe-Veteran -  Honorable Discharge 06-Jul-1940-to 21-0ct-1945.pdf  [color-image.pdf]
  Oral History & Parallel Lives :Jack & Wanda, Wanda & Jack  [A Canadian - American Experience]
  •  Frank Keefe stories recorded

    17 May 2002 ...