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Part D01

D01      Publications, Maps & Pictures  - Image files

Parallel Lives:  Jack and Wanda : A Canadian-American Experience

D01 Publications, Maps & Pictures - Image files [PDF & Tiff]:

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The Alaska Highway - A saga of the North.  Photos and History of Project – Edited by Don Menzes With hand written messages from Wanda’s and Jack’s Colleagues

Color scan of Booklet including pictures and text 40 pages + Cover inside and outside. Map in center page 20 & 21,  Back cover has photo credits

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    Cover, Dedication & begin text page 01-05 =1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    picture, road /ferries, Try-dare page 06-10 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Cold greets troops, bushmen aid, route page 11-15 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Land for Poets, Swath through bush page 16-20 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Help wanted -Female, Map, North Town Boom page 21-25 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Road links ports, Equipment, Opening page 26-30 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Troop Convoy, Civilian Help, Road History, Survey,  Snow caps page 31-35 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    chow time, Photographers Heaven, Tales about the Road page 36-40 = 1.4mb pdf 4 minutes
    Start = Edmonton -Crossroads of World", Back cover = Publish Credits page 41-43 = 1mb pdf 3 minutes
    full Document = pdf  ColorBeware= Slow load for most machines page 01-43, = 12mb pdf can be 40 minutes!!!



MAP: The Province of Alberta in Relation to the Alaska Highway and the natural Resources of North West Canada.

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Tiff version of Center map Yukon Territory. = 14,531 kb

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26 April 1944

Wanda. D. Davis [Keefe] work evaluation and letter of recommendation  From Keith J. Cocagne, Assistant Payroll Manager

Metcalfe, Hamilton, Kansas City Bridge Coo. Engineers and Constructors, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada



June & July 1945

Two Calendar Pages


June = Daughters of the North; July = The Whitehorse Depot








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